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Bring more indigo into your life when you need to: Bring more power and effectiveness into your communications; feel the confidence and strength that other people sense you have and which you may not yet have felt able to access. Get in touch with the masculine, authoritative aspect of yourself, no matter which sex you are, and your ability to know your own mind, so that you can take full control of your life. Bring your dreams to earth!

Indigo-The brow chakra, also known as the third eye, transmits the energy of the pituitary gland. Known in yoga as the 1000-petalled lotus flower, it is the centre of creative visualization, & gathers instruction from your higher self.

If you are experiencing problems with hearing, either a lack of, or over-sensitized hearing - Usually you are being guided to listen to your inner voice/intuition. If you commit to do so regularly now, and to actively listen to your heart about what it is it needs to make YOU feel fulfilled, and to act on the messages - you should find an improvement in your hearing.

Also hearing problems = a blockage in third eye chakra. This chakra influences the eyes, nose & ears. It is about the ability to trust others & know yourself. To be able to perceive beyond your 5 senses & link with your intuition. To become broad minded & free of inhibitions. To be able to use your spiritual & psychic insights in your personal & professional life. To have true knowledge & to use power wisely.

Bring more green into your life when you want to: Soothe and heal a battered heart; breathe more deeply and cultivate a feeling of trust. Rid yourself of dogma or conditioning and discover your own truth.

Turquoise - helps with feelings of freedom, the feelings of the heart and thoughts of the head to meet, helps with sore throats, asthma, respiritary infections and difficulties with the heart.

Peach is kindness & cooperation. It will help when you need to face issues from your past & decide how you will move forwards. It gently eases the symptoms of shock, depression & grief & helps with breathing problems such as asthma & bronchitis. Chakra - sacral & throat.

brings the revitalising, enthusiastic & friendly energy of orange, but in a gentler form.Encourages rather than demanding, brings clear communication in all our relationships. It makes us feel safe & secure & teaches us that our best is always good enough.

decorate in red in activity areas & passages. Not in offices, bedrooms, factories or stress areas. Increases pulse rate, stimulates inhalation, keeps us alert, facilitates judgement, enhances activity.Can be oppressive & tiring when dense & strong tho.

On a spiritual level, red reminds us that no matter how spiritually inclined we may be, we are dependent on the survival & well-being of our physical body as a tool with which to express that spirituality in the world. Wearing red, eating red foods, exercising, releasing our strong feelings & occasionally acting on impulse all reaffirm our connection through our bodies to the material world.

Rather than focus on things that make us feel powerless, think instead of all the things that we have in our lives that we are grateful for. That bring us joy & peace. Thus raising our vibration and making us once again feel empowered. This will of course also attract more abundance into our world.


Yellow-The solar plexus, like a sun, is the light that has descended into the nervous system. From here you are sensitive to situations. It is the centre of human recognition & self worth. Unresolved situations create stress here.

Blockages & negative qualities of yellow can be - Jealousy, envy, fear, emotions & living by patterns learned in childhood. Feelings of lack of power, obsessional behaviour, disoriented, muddle-headed. To ease try breathing yellow into the solar plexus
chakra (just above the naval) for a few minutes, then violet to harmonize.

Blockages & negative qualities of Violet can be - fears, phobias, relying too heavily on the intellect & not on intuition. Doubting & apologising for yourself. To ease try breathing violet into the brow chakra for a few minutes, then yellow to harmonize.

If you are experiencing fears & phobia's, relying too heavily on the intellect & not on your intuition. Doubting & apologizing for yourself - then your crown chakra is probably blocked. Imagine breathing in violet into the top of your head for a few minutes, then its opposite harmonising colour yellow( for wisdom & to boost personal power)

When old feelings no longer apply, magenta works on these unwanted emotions, allowing you the freedom to let go of them & to grow & change.

At a spiritual level, gold suggests a serene, wise & well-rounded personality. It is easy to assume that someone with gold energy "has it made" & there is nothing else to be achieved. However, like a swan
on a pond, the elegant vision of ease,hides furious paddling. Gold at this level shows that constant
vigilance & hard work directed at self -development & self healing pays off - but never stops.

Turquoise is recessive ~ appearing to move away from you. It expands a space. Because it is associated with oceans and pools it is traditionally popular in bathrooms, along with pale blue. Studies, children's bedrooms and rooms for family and social activities all benefit form turquoise. For more warmth compliment with salmon pink or peach.

Green people are tolerant, generous and open hearted. They are guided more by the truth of their feelings than by the cool logic of reason.

The independence and resourcefulness of yellow people ensures that they rarely feel lonely; Their radiant sun-energy provides them with plenty of choice in friendship and love.

Blue people are quiet, seldom needing to draw attention to themselves. Strong and independent, preferring peaceful communication. Quiet confidence, guiding and strong. Their serenity brings others near, like the strong oak tree that draws the birds to nest.

Bring more indigo into your life when you need to:get in touch with the masculine, authoritative aspect of yourself, no matter which sex you are, and your ability to know your own mind, so that you can take full control of your life.

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