Colour Harmony
Using colour to bring harmony


Email -  - Homoeopathy - Can be used to allieviate all types of physical, mental & emotional issues. Both as a first aid treatment, but also in a deeper way to allieviate chronic conditions. Rob works very intuitively & is a fantastic Homoeopath, with a very sensitive, understanding & empathic approach. Rob has done a magnificent job in supporting myself and both my sons on our own healing journeys! He has made tremendous progress with my son who has ADHD & other Autistic Spectrum Disorders!! The support he offers is so gentle and empathic, but with a real strength & wisdom behind it. I can't thank him enough for all the support and help he has given us!!

Email -  - Zero Balancing - A new form of Bodywork. Deep held tensions may be associated with physical injury, chronic stress, past trauma, or unresolved personal history. Releasing this at core level helps ease or end chronic body pain, allows natural realignment & improves posture. Furthermore it re-establishes an even flow of energy & vitality in the body, allieviating a wide range of conditions including pain, stress related illness, anxiety & fatigue. This is a fantastic & incredibly effective treatment !! - Linda offers person centred Counselling in a beautiful &  tranquil East devon setting. She is also an exceptional teacher of Pilates, having an amazing depth of knowledge. She offers an holistic approach and her methods are very effective. I have attended Linda's classes for some time now & have noticed a real strengthening of my core energy. She has been very gentle, patient & supportive with me, allowing me to take things at my own pace (which has been quite a slow one, as I was determined to be gentle with myself, & to break an old habbit of being too hard on myself). I have learned the basics of Pilates very thoroughly, thanks to her very thorough & patient teaching method! - Fabulous photographer offering: Studio Work, Publishing / Advertising Photographs, Events photography, Wedding Services. John has a positive & very calming influence, taking the stress out of your big day! His website offers so many other services, like Landscape, abstract,  wildlife & nature shots.

ALSO: A full service in 1940's weddings - A popular idea these days is to have a themed wedding. Specialising in 1940's weddings, which can make your day something different, fun and a day that people will remember for the rest of their lives. - Singing History Band [World War II music & memories of the Blitz & Home Front]

Live Music Performances - Five piece band supplying sit down cabaret concerts, or sing-a-long, living history walk-a-bouts at events. Wearing period dress, performing at events and venues all over Britain.

ALSO: Work with many Living History Events and groups, the M.V.T., Museums, the National Trust, Schools, Age Concern and many residential care homes all over Britain.  Providing live music using period instruments, static displays of WW II Home Front equipment & helping with aesthetic decoration at event. Also an on-line museum Helping others to remember the hope and spirit of a nation at war, whilst celebrating the importance of peace in our lifetime and for future generations. - Glass Mosaics and Art Glass Design [Items for sale, commissions & courses]
This is a fab website about glass artist Sue Smith.  she creates pieces using a combination of colours, materials and textures to surprise, delight, engage and encapture. - If you're looking for a fun, friendly safe environment for yourself or for your family to try Martial Arts in Exeter or Exmouth. With a "no pressure" approach, I found the school to be Really warm & supportive!! - Bridging Dimensions Through Creative Expression

I am listed on The Spirit - A website to enable seekers to find spiritual resources quickly and comprehensively within their region. The aim is to give various types of information of where to go for spiritual support, events, articles and guidance under one site. Our hope is that we can point seekers to the spiritual pathway of their choice.


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